Austin Classic and Vintage Car Rental

At the end of World War II, post-war America saw massive changes in all sorts of industries, and the automobile industry led the way. What was once merely transportation, cars now became statements of social position, image identifiers, and the ultimate way to show your station in life. Not everyone saw your house, but many would see your car.

Across the country, the automobile also became a part of the family and an integral part of the events in the family’s life. Dances, birthdays, graduations, promotions, and vacations all became centered on the automobile: where we were going to celebrate, where we would travel to, and how we would get there.

One social event is tied to the automobile like no other – The Wedding. Find any photo album from roughly 1948 to 1988 and it will almost certainly include a picture of the happy couple exiting the ceremony, then entering and driving away in a car suited to the occasion. Chances are you own family albums that contain such memories.

Austin Classic Car Rental retains a fleet of automobiles suited to send newlyweds off in style.

Imagine the groom whisking away with his bride from behind the wheel of a 60’s or 70’s era muscle car; the Gatsby-themed couple departing in a ’32 Deuce Coupe; leaving your barn venue in a 50’s era pickup; the iconic Nomad wagon as the backdrop for a Boho-Chic couple; or the traditional couple jetting away in a Corvette convertible. We exist to make your dream wedding experience come true.

Our classics are also great for photo sessions chronicling weddings, as well as engagements, graduations, new additions to the family, or for a new twist on the traditional family photo. Let us help you make those lasting memories.

All our vintage and classic vehicles are also available for films, movies, and video productions. If you are searching for a vintage car rental in Austin, please complete our contact form for availability, pricing, and interest in any vehicle, including ones not shown on the website.